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 How to Copy DVD Movies With Clone DVD Software

Clone DVD is an easy to use, software program for Windows based PCs, that allows you to make exact copies of your DVD movies.

The software will first copy the contents of a disc to your hard drive for temporary storage and from there, records the files to a blank,
writable disc (DVD-R) that you have in your DVD burner.
It is a great way to make backups for safekeeping, if ever a disc gets damaged or destroyed.

Clone DVD uses a step by step process from start to finish and walks you through in a visual way that's very easy to understand
whether you are a beginner or pro user.
After you have placed your DVD movie in your PC's DVD recorder, you'll want to launch the Clone DVD software so we can begin.

Next, select the "Clone DVD" option if you wish to copy the entire disc as identical to the original.
If you just want to copy a portion of the DVD while omitting other parts, select the "Copy DVD Titles" option.

Before the software begins the recording process, you'll be presented with an overview of your selections in the next screen.
Here, you can also click the "Preview" button to get a glimpse of how your settings will appear when the copy has been completed.
Once you are happy, click the "Next" button.

Next, you will simply select your DVD burner from the "Output Method" menu and press the "Go" button.
The software will analyze the data on the disc that is in your DVD recorder and make a copy of those files on your hard drive
based on the settings you entered.
Once it is completed, remove the disc from your DVD burner and replace it with a blank, writable DVD such as a DVD-R.

Clone DVD will now copy the movie files it placed on your hard drive over to your blank disc.
The result is a perfect copy of your original DVD movie based on your settings.
The copy may also be played on a a standard home DVD player.

Want to give it a test spin? Download a FREE trial copy of Clone DVD here



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